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Tired Of Glasses And Contacts? Consider A Laser Vision Correction Procedure

Have you been wearing glasses for most of your life? For as long as you can remember, you may have had to wear glasses because you couldn't see well enough without them; however, using eyeglasses and contact lenses each day can be frustrating for some people. If you're tired of dealing with your glasses or contact lenses, there is an alternative option available. You could undergo laser vision correction to drastically improve your eyesight, so you can ditch the glasses and those annoying contact lenses for good.

Eliminate the Hassle

While you may not mind wearing glasses sometimes, there are other times when your glasses could really get on your nerves. For example, if you're trying to go for a jog or if you're trying to participate in a physical activity, your glasses may constantly slide down your nose and get in the way. After taking them off at night, you may have trouble finding them in the morning because your vision is so poor. Even if you've switched over to using prescription contact lenses, there is a good chance you're tired of poking yourself in each eye while trying to ensure your lenses are positioned properly.

Understanding the Procedure

Laser vision correction could be just what you need to easily eliminate the hassle of ever dealing with eyeglasses or contact lenses again. Before undergoing such a procedure, there are some things you'll need to understand. For example, laser vision correction may be convenient for a lot of people, but it's considered a cosmetic procedure, and that means most insurance companies won't cover the cost of the procedure. The actual cost of the procedure will vary based on the surgeon you choose to hire as well as the severity of your vision issues. Some surgeons offer financing options to make it easier for people to afford treatment.

It's important to know the procedure itself is relatively safe, and most patients achieve the absolute best results, which means they end up with 20/20 vision after the procedure is performed. Before the procedure starts, the surgeon will add drops to your eyes to numb the area. The entire procedure shouldn't take longer than about 30 minutes for both eyes. You'll need to keep your eyes protected with the glasses provided to you after the surgery. It's normal to experience some sensitivity after the procedure, but that sensitivity should start to subside within a few days, and then you should be able to see a lot better.

If you're tired of wearing glasses, don't want to deal with contacts anymore, and would like to be able to see better, you should think about undergoing a laser vision correction procedure. Once you undergo the procedure, you should be able to see everything clearly without the use of glasses or prescription contacts. Contact professionals like Idaho Eye and Laser Center for more information.