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Use Vision Therapy Exercises To Help Your Eyes Recover Following An Injury

Did you recently get hit in the eye, smack your head hard against something, suffer a stroke, or go through any other kind of incident that has hurt your vision? If things are looking blurry for you or your eyes are now off-center, it's understandable if you are feeling worried or concerned. The good news is that your eyes may be capable of healing over time just like with any other injury to your body. In order to streamline this process though, it can help to give your eyes a little extra push. Here's how vision therapy exercises can help you.

Vision Therapy Re-Trains Your Eyes to See

If someone loses range of motion in an arm after a car accident or needs to re-learn how to walk, a physical therapist will help the person re-learn the motion until their body takes over and they start doing it on their own. The same logic applies to eye injuries and your vision. 

A typical vision therapy exercise might be forcing your eye to look at different objects placed at different spots throughout the room, all without turning your head. Another trick might be to force your eye to focus on an item you put close to your head and then stay focused on it as you move it away and then back in. By forcing your eyes to track or focus with purpose, you are teaching your eyes to see again.

Therapy Exercises Will Speed Up the Process and Reduce Recovery Time

A minor eye injury will eventually fix itself over time. But by doing regular vision exercises, you can expedite this process. There's a reason people who attend physical therapy usually go multiple times per week, and that's because the more exercise you do, the faster you will heal or regain movement. The same concept once again applies to your vision. Do your eye exercises every day so you can fully restore your vision and get back to your life.

Continued Vision Therapy Exercises Might Improve Your Vision 

Some people who started doing eye exercises as a result of the injury will continue doing them for some time even after things seem to be mostly back to normal. Repeated exercise is good for your eyes just like it is for every other part of your body. With continued therapy and exercise, some people even report that their eyes can now see better or more clearly than they did even before the injury.

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