why you must have a yearly eye exam

Preparing For Your Next Eye Exam? Don't Forget To Carry These 3 Things

Anyone who cares for their vision should prioritize eye exams. You can maintain good vision for a long time if you don't skip any eye exams or ignore your appointments with an eye doctor. For this reason, you should ensure you visit an eye doctor as scheduled because they will help you keep eye problems at bay. However, you need to know what to carry when visiting them. Eye examinations involve a lot of things, so there are things the eye doctor may require you to bring to the exam room. Here are three crucial things you need to carry when going to an eye doctor for an eye exam.

Your Current Pair of Contacts or Glasses

Do you usually wear eyeglasses or contacts? If you do, you need to carry them when meeting an eye doctor. The doctor will assess and test them to determine if you should continue wearing them or if they need to be changed. Good eyeglasses or prescription contacts should help you see clearly and shouldn't cause any discomfort. If you usually use a visual aid, the doctor will check if it's appropriately fit or needs to be adjusted. So as you go to see an eye doctor for a checkup, don't leave your current contacts or glasses behind.

The Medications You Are Taking

If you are on medication, you should carry all the drugs you are taking and any other medications when going to an eye doctor. But why should you do it? Some medications usually affect or interfere with vision health, even if they are meant to treat another health condition. In fact, the side effects of some medications could cause vision problems. Some supplements and over-the-counter drugs affect eye health, and you shouldn't ignore this fact. So, it's important to let your eye doctor know the kind of medicines you are taking, especially if you need to take medications for your vision needs. 

A List of Questions

If your eye health hasn't been good of late, you may have several unanswered questions about it. In this case, you should list all your questions on paper as you go to the eye exam room. Most people have a lot of concerns regarding their vision health, but they aren't courageous enough to discuss them with their eye doctor. Usually, eye doctors take the concerns of their patients seriously and are always willing to answer their questions in the best way possible. So if you have any questions related to your genetic component or family history, don't hesitate to ask because the eye doctor will freely share any information about your eye health.