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Is The Cost Of Lasik Worth It?

For many people, the prospect of getting laser eye surgery is well worth the cost already. Wearing glasses and contact lenses can sometimes feel like a drag, which is why so many people prefer to get surgery when it is available. The main deterrent for many people who want the surgery is the cost.

So, is Lasik surgery worth the cost? Here's what you should know before you commit to surgery.

Will Surgery Be Covered By Insurance?

Typically, insurance does not cover Lasik surgery. Unfortunately, Lasik is often seen as elective and unnecessary surgery. You can discuss Lasik and other eye treatment options with a provider to see how much surgery would cost if you do not have any eye care insurance.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Many people do pay for Lasik with a payment plan, which allows them to get the surgery now and pay in the future. You may be able to pay a small fee per eye each month for a year or so to reap the benefits of great eyesight for decades to come.

Will You Need to Take Time Off Work?

Some people do need to take some time off work so they can recover, but you will be able to resume your daily activities quickly. You should not have to take too much time off work, which means that you do not have to worry about losing money as you recover from surgery.

Could You Save Money By Choosing Lasik?

If you spend money each year on contact lenses and glasses, you might find that Lasik does help you save some money. It could save you a lot of money when you compare the one-time surgery to annual vision prescriptions, contact lenses, and eyeglasses.

For many patients, it is possible to save money by getting surgery. If you do the math, take a look at the future costs associated with contacts and glasses. You might find that the answer is easier than you thought.

Check Out Your Lasik Options

If you are committed to Lasik surgery, now is a great time to speak with an optometrist about your options. You may find that Lasik is much more affordable than you thought it was or that you can make some adjustments to your budget to get surgery. Make an appointment with an optometrist to learn more about your options.

To learn more information about Lasik eye surgery costs, reach out to an optometrist near you.