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How to Choose the Best Glasses for a Child With a Strong Prescription

If you have a child who has recently gone through an eye exam and it has been determined that they need glasses, then you should do your best to choose the right ones. Fortunately, there are many different options that will allow you to find the perfect glasses for your child. However, some people feel as though the vast amount of options can be overwhelming or confusing. If you feel this way, then keep reading to learn about a few things that you should absolutely consider if your child must wear glasses with a strong prescription.

Thin Frames

Typically, glasses made with strong prescriptions must be fitted with thicker lenses than ones with moderate prescriptions. This is necessary, because the lenses help to bend the light entering the eye properly so it hits the retina perfectly. A strong prescription means that light must be angled quite a bit to hit the retina, and thick glass are needed for this. Due to the way that eyeglass lenses are created in a concave fashion, they are thinner in the middle and thicker as they reach the edges. If eyeglass frames are relatively wide, then this means that the lenses will be wider on the edges as well. Not only can this make the glasses look bulky, but it can cause something called higher order aberrations. These visual disturbances cause halos and blurred peripheral vision when your child tries to look through the edges of the glasses.

All of these things mean that it is best to choose thin and small glasses that keep lenses as thin as possible. Think about oval or rectangular shaped lens areas so most of the lenses sit directly in front of the eyes. Also, frames made from a plastic material called propionate is a good option for children due to the light, strong, hypoallergenic, and flexible qualities of the material. If your son or daughter likes the look of metal frames, then you can opt for memory metal. The frames are made from a combination of titanium and nickel that is bendable.

Durable Lenses

If your child needs a strong prescription, then it is likely that they will need to wear their glasses a great deal. Some types of lenses are more resistant to scratches than others. It is wise to choose the ones that are the most durable so wear and tear will not take a toll on the lenses, especially since most optometrists advise individuals over the age of 6 should receive an eye exam and a new pair of glasses every two years

While it may be a bit more expensive, you should think about picking trivex lenses for your child. These lenses are extremely durable against impacts, they are one of the lightest materials you can choose, and they block 100% of the UV rays that shine through the lenses. Not only will these lenses be strong and keep the glasses from weighing down your child's glasses, but the UV protection will help to prevent sun damage to the sensitive cells within the eyes. This can reduce the chances of your child developing cancer later on in life.

While trivex materials are ideal, polycarbonate and high-index plastics are good options as well. These varieties do offer good impact resistance as well as UV protection, but they are more likely to scratch and are a bit heavier.

If your child needs glasses with a strong prescription, then it is wise to choose glasses with thin and small frames and with superior plastic lenses. Visit resources like http://envisionnv.com/ to learn more about your child's options.