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Caring For Your Contact Lenses: What You Should Know

Contact lenses allow you to see clearly, but if you aren't taking care of your lenses properly, they may actually inhibit your ability to see. Caring for your lenses is important to prevent eye infections, prevent dryness and prevent your vision from worsening. If you experience difficulties with your eyes or your contact lenses, be sure to contact your local ophthalmologist. Read on for lens care tips.

Use Contact Lens Solution

Don't try to use anything other than contact lens solution to clean your lenses. Something else such as water from the tap may cause your lenses to dry out or can spread bacteria to your lenses. Contact lens solution helps clean your lenses and keep them moist. Also be sure your contact solution is not past the use-by date. If it's past the use-by date replace it with new solution.

Use Clean Solution In The Lens Case

The lens case you use to store your lenses should be cleaned often, and it should have new solution put in every time you take out your lenses to store them. Clean the lens case with a gentle soap and water, rinse it thoroughly and use a microfiber cloth to dry it to prevent fibers from settling into the case. Replace the case with a new one every year.

Clean Your Lenses Before Putting Them In

Clean your lenses gently between your finger and thumb with lens solution to remove built-up debris and everyday dirt that may accumulate on your lenses. This is a good time to inspect your lenses for any damage such as tears or rips. Your lenses can tear if they get caught in the lid to the lens case or from rubbing them too roughly. They can also tear if they are too dry.

Use Rewetting Drops To Prevent Dryness

Your lenses may dry out throughout the day. If this happens, keep some rewetting drops on hand to add moisture to your eyes. Using anything other than contact lens rewetting drops may damage your contact lenses. Only use products made for contact lenses.

Always Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before handling your lenses. Bacteria and germs from your hands can spread to your lenses and cause an eye infection or a sty in your eye. Wash your hands with gentle soap and water, then dry them thoroughly before handling your lenses.

Contact lenses need to be cared for properly to prevent eye infections or to prevent your vision from worsening. Only wear your lenses as instructed and remember to give your eyes a break throughout the day by taking out your lenses and wearing eyeglasses instead. See your ophthalmologist if you are experiencing vision problems or issues seeing with your contact lenses.